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God vs. Science

The title, "God vs. Science," is a misnomer; it may be naive and far fetched. The correct title should be, "Christianity vs. Science" or "Bible vs Science," since Genesis and the Old Testament are involved. The statements like, "Religion and science will always clash." and "Religion without science is lame, and science without religion is blind" are kind of childish. I have watched the debate of Creationism vs. Evolution in the early 1970s in California (and wrote about it in those days) and the incorporation of Creation Theory in biology texts then.

The resurgence of new 'intelligent design' all over the country now is really just, "old wine in a new bottle." It is more about gathering popular votes in an election, and less about the intellectual pursuit of either Religion or Science. Over a billion Hindus, in India and elsewhere, who prefer to call their religion (or way of life) "Sanatan Dharma," (eternal religion) believe that God created the Universe, the Earth, and everything on it, including human beings, and comes to help mankind again and again, as an incarnation of the Supreme Lord.

He has been here at least nine times in the form of fish, boar, lion, pigmy, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, and others, just like the progression of Darwinian Evolution. In addition, believing in Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moska, (the attributes of duty, wealth, sex, and salvation) Hindus do not consider sex as sin, or God as a single male, but always with a wife and consort. Hence, no need for Feminism. Woman was, in Hinduism, not created from the rib of a man, but by the same process, and from the same material, as men were created. In Hinduism, not only "humanity," but everything, animate or inanimate, is sacred.

Science and Religion are not antagonistic, but two faces of the same coin, and have no conflict. Sanatan Dharma also considers all religions to be different paths that reach the same God. The conclusion that God is lot more incomprehensible than any religion has ever proposed, is brilliant, and is the basic tenet of Hinduism.


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God vs. Science

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