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Our Hindu temple of Georgia has the privilege in extending the services to the people who are in need to fulfill their bonafide duties to their own kids. The matter of child is dealt in the society with the several headings. It depends up on the necessity, willingness an d option. It is any how a boom to have a child. So many people are living as children less. A deep study and analyze Sri Selvam Sildhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) is submitted here.

First the care goes to the unfortunately i.e those who are not yet become parents. Is it because the Sin? .If so , is it connecting to the previous birth and the Karma. That should be the present approach for the fulfillment of the desire to have a child? Is there any medicines? Or if there any way to overcome from the ill - fate? For this agony stiken causes, there is suitable Vedic ways which come from the 'Dhana' (Offerings of food, cloth and Chappals to the Poor)

And proper application of proper rituals which the Hindu temple of Georgia do it at Georgia, India and Singapore, There are proper place in Kerala where the dense forests of western ghats lead to the temple of shrines with great powers. The priests of the Hindu temple of Georgia are employed even at Rishikesh and Haridwar i.e on the bank of Sacred river "Ganga". A man whether he wish or not ,he is graced to reach earth by the blessings of God. When he looks at the earth his feelings forces him to live as others or still better than the others. If the abode of human life should have a destination, sure and must , he should have child . When the birth graced by the God, the man has get the rights to pray for the 'child' also. The Vedic rituals can be performed and the aim to have a child will be positively achieved. In some extraordinary cases, the interference of spirits may cause trouble and the chance to have a child will be a remote scene. But for those incidences the employment of Atharva vedha will be guiding properly to get the wishes granted.

Miscarriage & Abortions healing by Dr Commander Selvam:-
The second preference goes to the abortions which cross un warranty. The wives of such nature should have a through check of P.S.I. The common mathematician will wrongly access for PER squire INCH. But here it is the measure of human activity. That is mentioned to denote the Psychic experience (PSI). After studying their position and reality, the psycho observation will be ascertained . Then the Atharva vedha therapy will be effectively emerged to rescue such innocent women20 from the clutches of devil affect. After a duration of two to three months the patient will be strong enough to conceive properly and deliver a child.

Children with seizers & Challanged mind child also known as Mentally retarded Problems healing by Sri Selvam Siddhar: As a third preference, the subject of possessing the pregnancy which in intoxicating mood will lead to a life in a miserable condition. The child will affected with mental disorders. Some births will turn as cruel and handicapped. Present society is very crazy in drinking health, and many are addict to , opinion , brown sugar and intoxicating drugs. To have a child in an auspicious way , it will be most helpful to parents the planetary positions an d the menstrual cycle of the women will also be in consideration to the to fix the dates which will be guiding to have a good child .The Hindu temple of Georgia will render the service to find that particular time also . The need of a child in great things: after getting the same, the carrying of the child in greater things : with all the duty bound attention the child should be provided a honorable place in the society in the greatest thing.

Mental issues for the Children Healing by Sri Si Selvam Siddhar: As a preference fourth, the safety ring for the born children in both physically and mentally to the healthy growth and noble characters. Some birth or with constant sickness and some are with handicapped stages . The out going parents as an account of career could not pay good attention toward child. So the case we have taken for analyze will go the extent of worst. When the children getting th e proper age, they cannot mingle with society in a proper manner. The born child should grow well after a stage should play well and speak well . The modern technology for the process of physiotherapy fails in certain unknown case. The temple of Georgia takes been study of such and provide the suitable ways through Atharva vedha for the ailment of such children . All the case such as speaking difficulties and earn if they are born as deaf and dump our temple has the Atharva Vedha treatment for remedy.

Children Health Problems solutions by Dr Commander Selvam " Siddhar"
When lining up the trouble the children face, it is sixth to note the " Balarishta Dhosa" . From the date of birth to the age of 14 Years the children and liable to affected with atmospheric pollution, water pollution, and climatic changes. The cold , fever diarrhoe, smallpox and deptheria are the usual ill health crossing. Some times the lunatic happening. Such as madness and excentric nature happen. From all such un desirable events the Vedhic process to perform the rituals with tantrik methods are utilized for successful welfare of child .Only for the needy persons the secret process will be carried out To be Inserted
B) The enthusiasm to render service to the humanity commence from the child hood and ends with man hood. The moto and the program to deal with the children issue came to the lime light in the Hindhu temple of Georgia. The basic intuition on this particular subject flashed in the opening program Sri selvam sidhar when he studied the wonders which were done by saint the Sri Ragavendra.

The real meaning of "Balarishta dosha" explained in terms Bala + arishta it the disease in child hood. Soon the child comes to the world we can find many characteristic moments. Some children will be blinking always. Some will make a little smile; some will have fear and cry . Without any reason some will make too much of noise. Some will find of external distur bance, the child will fear and suffer. We can judge the Braveness of child at this age. So it creates the trouble with devilish nature. There are Vedic methods to control all sort of fearful activities. In this all the careful caring the age will reach for 14. This age is neither an adult not at child hood. It is very difficult to bring up the children at this age.

Children with Drinks, Drugs, Sexual difficulties healing by Dr Commander Selvam- Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar:-
Many of the children will be going in street gamble . Due to the surroundings and the congested area / the children will have cross in many Kind of bad activities leading to child abuse and smoking habits. This will spoil the child day by day and lead to have the addiction for liquor or opium or any kind of intoxication . The parents can not find out what is going on with the child. The natural fortifying methods and resisting the bad habits. It is quite possible if the child is brought through to our temple in time. Siddha preventives are here for the welfare of children.

What is siddha?
It is really exceptional human abilities. Uninitiated may be perplexed at the prospect of coming to any national conceptual understanding is extra ordinary phenomena this by virtue of mysticism superstition an spirituality reach the nontirous attempt of mankind. This is most important studies in Atharva vedha . When matter goes beyond the control and the results is likely to be negative side the usage of Atharva vedha voluntarily plays its role and bring and the human community Sri Selvam Sidha (Dr. Commander Selvam) Serves to the people of world for all such needs in bringing up the children for a progressive path of life for education and higher studies the children as eger to engage themselves with the support of parents. The concentration in studies in maintaining the character our Hindu temple of Georgie will play a definite role for the success of children

For anything and every thing which is deemed with bright future of children it is the Hindu temple of Georgia and Sri Selvam Siddhar alo known as Dr Commander Selvam is waiting to associate and render service in perfect manner. Call immediatel 001-404-647-1087 or e- mail us avtemple@aol.com Om Shanthi