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Some events and happening, even though they are old , on the ground of essentialities we have to bring back to our memory. It has the important as well as the notification for the care of child. Hindu temple of Georgia and its founder Dr Commander Selvam "Siddhar" dedicated to the society and the people of united states as well as to the entire human community of the whole universe. During the early 20th century, ie during1997 to 2004 this establishment had the strong footings at California where the people of different sections continued with duties of so many problem had the benefit to over come of their different difficulties which stood on their way for progress. You might have heard about Atharva Vedha here it is found suitable to explain the epic of India " The Maha Bharatha". In this great epic the war between Pandavas and Thirudharashtrs are explained in a most Jurst ful ways. In those olden days the usage of Atharva Vedha was in practice. This specific Vedha employed to use the Weapon of " Naga Asthra" . This relate to the spreading of Poison of Cobra on the soldiers of Enemy's side. To Prevent the dangerous effects of Asthra, there were proper slogans. Some time the Agniasthra will be deployed and the apportion camp will be striking the same with 'Varuna Asthra' that is by the Source of huge spray of water. Theis kind of attack was common on war filed. The Atharva Vedha was the Main cause for their particular miletiry practice. Sri Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) has the thorough knowledge to use such diplomatic ways in the lives of suffering categories. In a nutshall explanation the epic ' Maha Baharatha' in given here for the reference.

In Mahabharata the character Saguni was described as most wicked and cunning. He was the cause for the downfall of 'Pandavas kingdom'. This kingdom was ruled by Dharma the elder son of the diseased king Pandava. Dharma had four brother called, Bhima, Arjuna Nakula and sahadeva. Very honorable and justice bound characters were fully ruled over all the three brothers. They were warriors and by the virtue of their norms they had annexed so many small kingdoms captured by Justiful ways.

Thirutharastra,the younger brother of king pandu was the uncle to pandavas. Thirutherastra had hundred Sons who where headed by Duriyodhana as eldest of sons. The jealousy and crooked minded Duriyodhana was always with the nature of greediness and planned to aquire the kingdom of Pandavas. This was designed and crafted by Saguni the uncle of Duriyodhana. Naturally he was uncle for Pandavas also when&nbs p; Pandu and Dhirutharasthra were born as brothers. Duriyodhana was not gifted with huge lands or the military requirements. So, it was by the means of gamble he tried to beat the ,noble brothers pandavas.

Saguni was most talented in doing the Black magic , assisted the team of Duriyodhana to come out victoriously on Pandavas who became orphan and penniless and lost their big wealth and the kingdoms. Sure the end of gamble will always ruin the victims. They had to leave the country and live for 14 years. Lord Krishna the saviour of pandavas was helped to get back the country which was last in a gamble. "saguni" sought many ways of black magic to kill the family of Pandavas when they returned after 14 years. Lord Krishna knew well all the conspiracy of "saguni" and that he took the measure of beating them with the same way of tricks and cunningness. There the necessity took place to the usage of "Atharva vedhas". Where the thorn is piercing inside the foot,  ; an another's thorn only the instrument needed to remove it. That policy was naturally previled and for all the attacks of Saguni Lord Krishna. Encountered successfully to safe guard the Pandavas. And that the fall of Thirutharasthra's dynasty. The pandavas had covered their kingdom and all the wealth. Here the Atharva vedha and the norms were highly focused for the Victory of Pandavas. In the life of every human being the troubles are entering and the remedies through the vedic methods are to be followed. Sri Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commandar Selvam ) is well versed in the practice of Atharva vedha which is the treasury for remedies. Only in India the last four thousand years. Even today the usage to stop the heavy fever Atharva vedha process is being chanted by the priests. For snake bite the manthras are chanted and to the great excitement/ the patients are cured to recover from such poisonous attacks. Certain severe cases while chanting the slogans from Atherva Vedha, the snake which made the bite will return back from the field and suck the poison from the body's of the Victim. And in India there was one station master in kerala who was a genuine practicer of Atharva vedha . He used to get only message of snake bite from distant place. The message will come through telephonic conversation. On the spot he will remove his towel from the shoulder and he will cut it into pieces. Them he will start chanting the Atharva vedha Mantras . Most astonishingly the patient at a distant place get cure and meet the station master on the next day. This kind of information's seemed to be some what unbelievable but they are true.

Now, we have to privilege in to the subject of "CHILDREN ISSUE" , If we begin it then it will be an ocean for discussion Sri Selvam sidhar had an opportunity to visit the Temple a Sri Ragavendra on the Bank of Tunga badra in Andhra Pradesh, India. Sri Ragavendra was the well known saint in the Period of British Regim that is in early in 19th century. The saint was regarded for his great power of meditation. He had called all his disciples on one day and informed them, that the service and duties to render to the people and to the religion was coming to an end end that he had to sit in samathi for his abode to reach the feet of the God. The disciples were crying all the day and they could do nothing except to serve the orders of their Guru (Teacher). They digged the soil and made the room inside the earth. The stone walls were prepared. The Guru then entered in and sat saying the slogarn "Namo Narayana" The upper portion was covered by stone slab. Then the soil was spread over the samathy and closed completely. Thousands and Thousand of devotees gathered there with prayer "Sri Ragavendraya Namaha all of them weeping and found unbearable to note the departure of their beloved Guru

The disciplines and deootees converted ashram as Temple for Sri Ragavendra. days and years passed. The Revanue collection and the annexing of the lands infavour of the prevailed British Goverment came in to force but the people and deciples object Government.The Governer paid his visit to the temple.To his astonishments the saint Sri Ragavendra himself appeared and explained all about religious worships and the sanctum affairs of the Hindu Religion. The Governor could utter no objection to the comments of the saint. He simply passed order to waive the bill of Revenue collections and passed orders to acquire as much land the Temple require. &n bsp; This sound proof of deal was registered in the activities of Government on those days Since the World is having so many strange and sacred places Sri Selvam Siddhar had the vision to collect such details of information for the welfare of manly hood. In the history Sri Ragavendra, he was on the way to a remote the village. It was noon on hot summer. Some ladies were going inside the house to vender some helps. An old women was crossing by that time. Sri Raganendra enquird the happening and this real matters which was going inside the house the old woman was the mother in law of a humble women who was about to give delivery for a child. She cried and burst in tears to say that her daughter in law was unfortunate girl since she had lost all her five children, very accurately on the juncture of delivering time . Sri Ragavendra felt pity over the girls and through his meditation power under stood the real calamity and wished to save that poor family= 20 as a relief.

On the occasion of delivery a devil so called as "Fireymouth" used to come and take away. The life of new born baby. 'Firey Mouth Devil' a spirit with spreading fire from the month used to wait till the date of delivery and on such a particular time, will reach the come and take away the life of the child. Knowing the forth coming event Sri Ragavendra asked to the woman bring one soil plate. During old days, plate made of soil were used in village to preserve the cooked food. The saint after receiving the plate created a burning fire on the plate and permitted the plate to circle around the house. The speed was increasing and making a safety zone around the house. On a particular movement the plate took a stop and was beginning to attack another fire ball which was no other than the 'fireymouth devil' the power of saintt won the fight and the devil ran away. The hunnble woman gave birth to a child conveniently. for this child sri Ragavendra blessing came and had the fortune to be safeguarded. But in the lives of other cases of hundred and thousands who could reach in time and save the situation considering to this pity movements. It is to the essential matter of vigil to be followed from the time of pregnancy itself. So many elders are as children less. So many are in want to adoption of a child. To be blessed with child in boon. On the earth one and all should have the blessing for their particular matter of child issue. =0 A

Now the medical world is praise elaborately and honored made science there a great down fall in the graphs which registers the great cut in death. This gives the meaning that the over population and shortage to essentialities. Medical guidance is for survival. But it will no guide to develop a character or to provide a society with sacred norms. Our religions have paved the proper way of living. There were regulations in marriage. There were strict conditions in habits and customs. Even the 'Marriage' it was with great filtering process of bad characters and un usual behaviors. All followed with the season of human growth . When the youth hood attained the feelings of 'Kama' that is 'sex' will vibrate the brain. In that Vibration the regularity and the purity is missing . 'Shanthi Moohurtha' is the world in Sanskrit relates to uncontrollable feelings and desire on sex, reach the destination on that period of youth hood. The elders will arrange the marriage with proper companion. So the 'Shanthi' will reach and control the brutal chase and the beast behavior . This day is called nuptial day the status of husband and wife are granted to that couple with proper season of age. So they are fortified with proper way of bringing for progressive future. Till to this day of marriage the duty of bringing up the child fell on the parents. Mostly the Mother to attend the major deities. Sri Selvam Siddhar has formulated all the needy norms and help to the society to bring their children with modesty and find habit. Sri Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) had his deep studies in Atharva vedha , from his Guru Viswanbara Namboothiri in Kerala. For all kind to solutions no tedious way are sought. Only to the simple and short methods of application of Atharva vedha he guides to the society of parents and save the children in a safety way.

Just delivering the child as well as to feed them will not be sufficient. The children should grow with safety and no danger should come to their life. The friendship should be preferred with top priority. The habits of to be regulated. Some children lay as handicapped. There are several remedies to cure that also. Some children become addict to intoxicating stuffs. Some are diverted with early and unusual sex affairs. So the child caring ,should be with vigil in all sort of life. The herbal trea tment and the Vedic treatment with proper slogan of Mantra, they are to be shaped as good citizen of nation. Parents should feel happy to settle them in the married lives. Now a days, the busy atmosphere and fast moments in career and jobs will not permit the parents to pays steady attention on children.

With all similar causes our Hindu Temple of Georgia will be in a position to associate with the problems of children. Sri Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) will be giving you most important process and methods for the welfare of your own kids. Kindly Contact Hindu Temple of Georgia in Toll Free @ 1-8... or call Swamiji His Holiness Param Pujya Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar also known as Dr.Commander Selvam for more understanding and help with all kinds of children problems including not able to conceive a child.